Dan Dyer

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Fill In The Void

When you’re in love with someone and they’re in love with you, it’s great. It’s euphoric and perhaps you have never felt anything like it... Read More
April 2016
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Message Through Music

  I want to share my experience of how my ministry came about. I became a Christian in 2011 and almost immediately starting writing songs.... Read More
February 2016
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Our Memory Tree

  I love this time of year. Along with it you may be encountering heightened senses in the form of love, joy and thankfulness. In... Read More
December 2015

Flick The Switch

For most of my life I was unhappy. The common denominator was I thought of myself way more than I thought about others. I was... Read More
June 2015
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Quiet Time With God

I recall when I was younger, very few times when I was still and quiet (my poor parents). I was never one to consider it and... Read More
May 2015

Losing Your Cool

“Your true colours eventually become evident. Like me you have probably lost your cool at least once and regretted it.” I play ball hockey fairly... Read More
April 2015
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Are You On The Fence ?

“No that’s not Mr. Wilson but it could be you!” I have experienced much indecision and wrong decisions in my day and both can devastating.... Read More
February 2015
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How Can I Process ?

Hello everyone. We are so grateful to have been incredibly blessed in 2014. Thank you to our family and friends for being such a joy... Read More
January 2015
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