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Dan Dyer


I was born in 1963 in the wonderful city of Hamilton Ontario and attended Adelaide Hoodless and Delta Secondary schools there. I started singing and playing guitar at the age of 13 and never looked back. I joined the military in 1983 and for 3 years I served in Saskatchewan. After that it was life on the road as a full time musician. I played all over western Canada and was based out of Saskatoon and Edmonton until 1989 when I then moved back to Hamilton. I have been employed in the cable and data industry since then. I took a few years off from playing professionally but soon started playing locally again and still do today.

I gave my heart and my life to the Lord in 2011. I have been blessed to be married to the most amazing woman, my wife Jaana, since September 2012. 
I am also blessed by my daughter Jasmine and stepkids/adults Danielle, Nicole and Erickson.

I have performed professionally for the past 30 years but only wrote one song prior to giving my life over to Jesus. I have since written and recorded singles, been invited to help create songs and to sing on other projects. I have also written, recorded, and released an album called ‘A Journey’. In ministry I perform eight of it’s ten songs accompanied by videos, share my story and tell of how God has affected the incredible changes in my life. You can experience it on my new dvd.

Dan Dyer – A Journey – Live At Living Hope ——> Click Here

My ministry is called Message Through Music ——> Click Here

~ Dan Dyer, 2016

Dan Dyer – Blessed Be // Dan Dyer - A Journey
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