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Music Review: Dan Dyer – A Journey 

I don’t listen to Christian music too often. Typically you will find me listening to pop, r&b, and country. Sometimes I’ll listen to Christian, depending on the artist. The ironic thing is that I am Christian. Dan is the first Christian artist in a long time that I have taken a liking to.
A Journey is a great mix of Christian, country, and a hint of some rock. The songs are very uplifting and truly captures what God is all about. My favorite songs on the album are “Blessed Be,” “With Those That Cry,” “Jesus in Our Song,” and “Butterfly.” Among those four songs, “Jesus in Our Song” and “Butterfly” touch my heart the most. “Butterfly” is special to me because it reminds me much about my bond with my grandmother. I feel her speaking to me through that song. It’s such a beautiful song. He sings, “Quietly you fly to me, down from the sky. In the air, over there, butterfly bye bye.” It makes me think how my grandmother is apart from me, her in the spirit world and me, here. She visits me then goes back to whence she came. The song truly captures the bond I had/have with my grandmother. It reminds me that though she’s gone, our bond still stands strong. Truly one of the most heart wrenching songs for me.
“Jesus in Our Song” is upbeat and illustrates how Jesus brings meaning to our lives. It’s important to look to Him, have trust in Him. When we feel our life broken, it’s because Jesus is not in it. He carries us through the rough times and embraces, blesses us with our good times. He allows for good to be found even in the darkest of times. Dan is an amazing Christian artist. I feel his music truly reaches those who would otherwise not listen. As mentioned before, I rarely listen to Christian music but Dan’s music makes me want to listen to more. The lyrics are poetic in a way that it makes your heart sing to Jesus not just your voice. He’s gifted and uses his gift to thank the great Lord who blessed him with his gift. I anticipate more of his sound and messages to share.


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Caroline Bell-Tiberio, Family Services, Salvation Army Cornerstone Community Church
In celebration of our new season for The Salvation Army Cornerstone Community Church Mens and Womens Ministries, we invited church and community members to a wonderful evening of musical entertainment provided by Dan Dyer.  The event turned out to be much more than entertainment. Guests were treated to such inspirational music and supporting personal words by Dan that moved the audience to a wonderful spiritual place.  We have received numerous favourable comments from those attending this lovely evening.  Dan provided an event tailored to our audience and our needs.  We highly recommend Dan as a wonderful addition to any such event!  
Bob and Joanne Leach, Lead Pastors, Living Hope Church

Dan Dyer’s Message Through Music, is characterized by the anointing and passion that can only come from a personal relationship with Jesus. His radical life-transforming story, combined with undeniable talent makes for a great time of ministry.


Pastor Bruce Chamberlain

His music ministry celebrates Christ,  his songs reflect his love for God and people. Dan is not just a greatly talented guitarist and singer, but he has a message of hope from his life before he met Jesus. His music has that message in every song. Dan joins the Hess Street Mission coffee house band when his schedule allows and has been a huge blessing in many ways. Dan has a heart for people, his ministry reflects that and he will bless you as you listen to his message and his songs. 


Jason and Mary Leach, Leadership Team, Living Hope Church

It’s refreshing and encouraging hearing music that matters! Dan hits it out of the park, with his album, A Journey. The collection of stories of how his life was deeply impacted by Christ, is touching, powerful and inspirational. At his live ministry presentations, Dan demonstrates his love for Jesus and the lost, as he passionately delivers his Message Through Music.


Marisa Anderson, Worship Pastor, Living Hope Church

There’s nothing like a life that has been radically transformed by the saving power of Jesus! I’ve had the privilege of working closely with Dan in worship ministry, and the impact of the Gospel on his life translates into a deep-rooted heart of worship. You will be blessed by the ministry of Message Through Music – both on and off the platform.


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