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07 April 2015

Losing Your Cool


“Your true colours eventually become evident. Like me you have probably lost your cool at least once and regretted it.”

I play ball hockey fairly regularly and sometimes we get a hothead or two. I recall a young man missing on his opportunity to score a winning goal and smashing his stick (wasn’t his stick) in disgust while screaming out a nice little expletive. I assure you that any negative outburst has a far greater and longer lasting impact than any goal, touchdown, homerun etc… and is just that, entirely negative. “IS NOT COOL”

Maybe you don’t think you’re that person but let me ask you something….

Think of your wife or husband, your kids, coworkers, teammates, neighbours, friends or people in general. How do you treat them when you’re stressed out?

Please just take a moment and think on it…..

Are you …..









Positive or negative? How do you rank?

“The world and no one else owes you anything.”

Some people think they have control and/or have a sense of entitlement. When things don’t go as expected, SNAP!!

Turmoil on the inside will inevitably show up on the outside and road rage is another unfortunate example of that. No good can possibly come from allowing yourself to freak out over something that matters little and truly is out of your control. It affects every part of your life. Where your loved ones are concerned, you may soon find yourself looking from the outside in unless you change.

Hey listen, I used to be that guy. I lived it and others suffered because of me. I was rarely at peace because I spent too much time “thinking about myself” instead of other people and so had regular outbursts. I assure you it is a lonely existence.

“What kind of life can you expect if you have no solid foundation on which to build it?”

Do you find yourself constantly looking in the mirror or taking selfies? Maybe you think people are always looking at you and that acting cool is huge. Do you judge others because they’re different, because of how much money they make or because of your so-called status? This type of thinking is “SHALLOW” and will get you nowhere. I have lived it. You need to get this!!

I used to blame anyone or anything for my problems because I was in denial, but over many years (way too long), I finally realized that was a cop out and a hurtful one at that. I didn’t want to live that way any longer but found it wasn’t easy to change. In fact I couldn’t change. I didn’t have the strength or direction on how to deal with any of it. I literally couldn’t will myself to change even though my issues were staring me right in the face. Chances are neither can you.

“You may be hurting because of negative circumstances in your life but there is hope.”


You can try to blame it on someone else, you’re upbringing, your health, a lack of sleep or whatever but at the end of the day you and you alone are responsible for how you feel, your behaviour and most certainly what comes out of your mouth. If you’re making excuses that’s a sure sign of denial and contributes to making matters far worse than they already are. “It helps no one but rather hurts everyone involved and is rooted in selfishness.”

I encourage you to take stock and be honest with not only yourself but with others. Deal with it!! It’s best to meet your negativity head on and dispense of it.

Jesus makes a way.

“In all my life and experience the only thing that fills the “void” is loving and helping others made possible only through grace. PERIOD!

Look, I’m not messing around here. This isn’t playtime. I know these are just words and maybe I’m not the best at conveying my experience and beliefs but I have been there and done that and my life is transformed.

     “The truth is, it’s really not about you or me at all.”

But the Holy Spirit produces this kind of fruit in our lives: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. There is no law against these things.

Galatians 5:22-23 New Living Translation (NLT)

Society says money, sex and power.

Ya right! That’s self serving and what tears us down in the first place.

God says faith, hope and love.

Which do you think better serves your restoration and healing?




2 Responses

  1. Jim Franklin

    If something happens that makes you want to lose your cool… as was said in the movie “Frozen”, “Let it go”. Matthew 6:29.

  2. Lana Snook

    Praise the Lord ł
    May our Father continue to use and richly bless you 4 His glory and your good. In Jesus’ precious name, Amen. Thank You Father. Alleluia 2 the Lamb of God!
    ALL for LOVE

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